Except for Pavel Kroupa, who is staying in Prague for a longer period of time, we wish to accommodate all foreign participants in (completely non-smoking) hotel Pawlovnia which is nearby the Institute. Check-in time in the hotel is from 14:00 to 22:00. Later arrival is possible if announced in advance – you may contact the LOC to provide the information about your arrival to the hotel. Guests are asked to check out till 11:00 from the hotel Pawlovnia.

Public transportation in Prague

Beside walking, the most convenient way of getting around Prague is the public transportation system which consists of three main parts: subway (metro), trams and buses. Unless something really unexpected happens, the subway is the fastest part of this system as it is burried deep under ground, not being affected by anything that might happen on the surface (e.g. traffic jams). It is thus strongly recommended to travel by the subway when one wants or needs to get somewhere on time (e.g. to our Institute not to miss any of the talks or to the Christmas Market to have enough time to drink some gluehwine). When one is more interested in seeing something of Prague while travelling through it, the trams or buses are (especially in the city centre) a better choice. More information about the Prague public transportation system can be found on the official website.

In general, it is not necessary to study time tables for the subway, trams or buses since the intervals between subsequent connections are pretty short. One can simply come to a station or a stop and wait for something to arrive. It is, however, always good to know what one is waiting for and for this purpose, the connection finder comes in handy.

Unfortunately, public transportation in Prague is not free. Tickets can be purchased in various shops (e.g. newspaper stalls) as well as in ticket machines located at or nearby most stops or stations (including those at the airport). The basic ticket will take 32 CZK from your pocket and it will enable you to travel for 90 minutes by any bus, tram or metro line. Immediately after you have entered a metro station (or got on a bus or tram), do not forget to validate your ticket in one of the small yellow metal boxes you will easily locate unless you wish to pay extra 1500 CZK = more than 50 EUR for the trip if the ticket inspectors come (do not do it twice otherwise the ticket becomes invalid). After the validation, 90 minutes long countdown starts. Within this period of time, you can change the means of transportation as many times as you wish.

How to get to the Institute

Most of the participants of the M-th Aarseth N-body Meeting will arrive to Prague aboard an aircraft. For these, it might be useful to know how to get from the Prague airport to our Institute and hotel Pawlovnia. The recommended connection is this one:

  • in both Terminal 1 and 2, in one of which you will arrive, there is a Prague public transportation counter where you can buy the basic ticket for 32 CZK; this is sufficient to get you from the airport to our Institute and hotel Pawlovnia. We encourage you to pay your ticket by card as this is the easiest way for you do not have to bother with exchanging any money. Alternatively, you can withdraw some little amount of the Czech currency at an ATM at the airport but do not forget the per-diem money you will get from us
  • in front of Terminal 1 (2), there is a bus stop called Terminal 1 (2); get there and take bus 119 to a bus stop called Nadrazi Veleslavin. Do not forget to validate your ticket in one of the small yellow metal boxes you will see in the bus otherwise you will be showing willingness to pay the extra 1500 CZK (more than 50 EUR) to the ticket inspectors!
  • at Nadrazi Veleslavin, change to metro A and go to a station called Muzeum
  • at Muzeum, change to metro C and go to station Nadrazi Holesovice
  • at Nadrazi Holesovice, get off the subway train, turn left, let yourselves be conveniently transported to a higher level by an escallator, turn left and take bus 201 to a stop called Kuchynka. As Nadrazi Holesovice is a terminal station for the bus 201, you cannot get the wrong direction
  • at Kuchynka, get off the bus and the Institute is the first building (flat, two-storey) in front of you, behind a group of leaf-less trees
  • should you like to continue to hotel Pawlovnia directly, turn left immediately after you have got off the bus at Kuchynka and follow the sidewalk until you hit an underpass. Go through it, turn right on the other side of the road, walk for another 100 meters and you will appear at the doorstep of the hotel.

To get an idea of the location of the places you shall visit during the workshop (the Institute, hotel Pawlovnia, the concert hall, restaurant Kamparium), see the Google map below. You can zoom it, change its type (roadmap, sattelite etc.) or use the street view (take the little yellowish guy in the bottom-right corner and throw him to some of the roads that turn blue).