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Welcome to the web pages of the Astronomical Institute of the Charles University in Prague!

What is good to know / see / have:
•  Interested in observations at the European Southern Observatory (ESO)? Check the website of An Eso/Opticon/IAU summer school on modern instruments... HERE and HERE or its flyer HERE(posted Mar 25, 2015)
•  Brand new programme of the seminars of our Institute has been announced just a little while ago - download HERE(posted Mar 24, 2015)
•  New programme of the seminars of our Institute has been released - download HERE(posted Mar 03, 2015)
•  The programme of the first few seminars of our Institute for the upcoming summer semester has been announced - check it out HERE(posted Feb 13, 2015)
•  Ph.D. positions open at the Universidad de Valparaiso in Chile! Click HERE to get more information(posted Jan 19, 2015)
•  The schedule of lectures for the summer term 2014/2015 has been discussed. Have a look at it HERE (posted Jan 14, 2015, updated Feb 16, 2015)
•  Information about programme for financing short or long abroad stays, workshops and conferences are HERE(posted Dec 11, 2012)
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